Goode Two Shoes Childminding

Welcome to Goode Two Shoes Childminding!

My name is Vicky and I am an Ofsted registered childminder living close to Gresty Road (near Crewe Alex football ground) in Crewe, Cheshire.

Please feel free to browse around my site but be gentle with me as it's currently being updated.


My aim is to provide a warm and supportive environment for the children in my care.  Goode Two Shoes is not simply a place to leave the kids while you are at work but a place where children can feel right at home, safe and loved; and where parents can feel totally confident that their child's needs are being met.  Working with the EYFS to ensure that the children in my care get the best possible start in life.


It's true that the role of the home based childminder has changed somewhat over the years and has moved far away from just making sure the kids are fed and plonking them in front of the TV.  We now know so much more about how children develop and how we can provide that first step in their education within the childminder's setting.  Focusing on things like problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, creative and physical developement and knowledge and understanding of the world.  But what does this MEAN for your child?  FUN!!!!!  Lots and lots of fun.  Children learn through play and there is certainly no shortage of that on offer here, outdoor play, creative play and messy play are some of the activities children can enjoy here. 


I appreciate that most parents would rather be able to stay at home with their children than have to go to work and I understand that having to leave the kids with a childminder can be a very difficult thing to have to do.  Parents can exprect their children to come home from being here happy and with lots of things to tell you about their day.  The service I provide is very flexible with lots of scope to tailor it to a parent or family's specific needs.  A school drop off and collection service is also available, depending on the location and other school run committments.  Parents are kept updated via child's contact books, newsletters and good old fashioned conversation.  I am a very open and informal person by nature and parents can be happy in the knowledge that they can speak to me regarding any aspect of their child's time with me, this could be techniques to manage behaviour, diet, a project at school, changes at home, an upcoming religious festival, you name it!  A child's time with me will compliment their time at home or school, not be separate from it.